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Kid's International Pre-School



"My 23 month old son has been attending KIPS since it opened.  We are especially impressed with the extensive experience and caring manner the teacher and administrators. The school is well laid out, organized, and has many English language toys/games/puzzles/books I have not seen in Turkey. Best part is that we have noticed positive changes in our son since he started at KIPS.... he's less frustrated and happier overall because his high energy level and desire to explore are being channeled in a nurturing environment that includes lots of opportunities for free-play while learning socialization skills. "  - {Deena, Mother}

"Positive Changes."


"My main expectations from a preschool would be love, respect and one-on-one care for my 3 year old daughter. KIPS exceeds this expectation thanks to experienced teachers and moreover it offers an excellent English with native speakers and an international environment.  


"Each floor is assigned for a particular age group helping my daughter to spend a great quality time."


"Like any mother, I really am obsessed about nutritition and I was so glad to learn that  the school food is catered by an organic company founded by two caring women. Most importantly as a mother,whenever I need to ask something, I can always reach the management office and I always get constructive feedback. I really think that we are very lucky to be at KIPS on its first year. Thank you for everything."  - {Şima, Mother}

"Exceeds Expectations."


"I wanted my kid to be in a safe and warm place where he can feel like he is just at HOME. Now he feels at home all day long,  playing with his friends and learning in a fun way."


"We are very happy to see his incredibly fast development in every aspect.  He is  getting more confident everyday, even in speaking English.

The school team is wonderful just as the environment and activities  they provide."


"Most important he loves being at school."  - {Ayça, Mother}

"Loves Being at School."

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"KIPS is a wonderful preschool with very personable, dedicated, and caring staff. My son has been attending KIPS for onlky three weeks and absolutely loves it. I am still surprised with how you got in touch with him so quick. I have seen my son develop into a confident and social child who loves school, teachers, and friends. It is a very difficult decision to leave your child with people whom you barely know, but your reassurance & understanding made my decision easy."


"I really have had the pleasure of having Ms. Carolina there to fill the school with care/love. My personal thanks goes to Ms. Hale as she puts a smile on my son's face with her warm welcomes and positive outlook. Thanks to Ms. Dee for providing a positive education & social skills for my son."


"Thanks to all for making Efe's first school experience so special."

- {Nesihan, Mother}

"First School Experience ~ Special."