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Pre-K & Kindergarten

Our "Pre-K & Kindergarten Groups" are comprised of children ages 5-6 years old at the time of enrollment. As your child reaches school age, our comprehensive kindergarten program helps them explore, communicate, and create while also enhancing their self-confidence to a level that will prepare them for primary school.


KIPS’ Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten program is designed to get your child ready for their next great  adventure, primary school, by teaching letters and words, math concepts, and valuable social skills. 

We enhance confidence through movement, dramatic play, and group activities; support the development of new skills and individual talents in art, music, and dance; and promote creative thinking through daily reading and story sessions.  

Additionally, classroom activities are designed to help your Pre-K & Kindergarten child build literacy and numeracy skills so they are ready to jump, hop and skip into First grade.